Friday, September 3, 2010

The Final Countdown

So here it is, the final countdown.  Tomorrow is Day 1 of 9 for my project.  What does the first day really mean? 

As my fictional character Miles Copely would say: “It is everything.”  Like any great mission, the first day is absolutely critical. After all, it sets the tone for the rest of the project:  The way it is approached; the intensity and focus—are all key to establishing rhythm and building momentum.  Am I pumped?  Am I amped?  You bet.  But there’s a lot riding on this and to take anything for granted or allow any sliver of mediocrity or complacency to bleed through the cracks can turn a well-oiled machine into a screeching grind.

But enough of that.  The dishes are clean, the bathroom’s scrubbed. and the fridge is stocked. It took over ten years to return to these characters.  And now it’s time to finally pay them off in a well-deserved carefully orchestrated medium.  But before I go, allow me to introduce one of my new characters replacing an old:  Senator Morgan.  You’ll definitely see one of these pics, photoshopped to twisted comic-book style.
  And one last shot you'll also see... but my worried-looking face will be replaced by Miles Copely, that pesky Tabloid reporter.

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  1. I took that scary pic in which you looked like you were ready to attack :)